Weekly Specials


Chile Relleno Plate

Red Pozole

Green Pozole

California Burrito

Monday: Chile Relleno plate

A Chile Relleno served with rice, beans and tortillas. Our Chile Relleno is homemade with lots of love and stuffed with cheese

Tuesday: Huarache

A homemade corn tortilla topped with refried beans, roasted poblano peppers, bell peppers, carne asada, queso fresco (Mexican cheese) and avocado.

Wednesday: Green Pozole

A spicy Mexican soup made with chicken and hominy served with tortillas

Thursday: Tamales

Authentic, homemade tamales — pork or chicken

Friday: Red Pozole

A pork and hominey stew made with red chiles — served with tortillas. “If you love home cooking you will love Pozole”

Saturday: California Burrito

Carne asada, french fries, pico de gallo, guacamole and cheese

Sunday: Menudo

An authentic Mexican soup made with beef and served with tortillas

Served Everyday:

Enchilada Plate

Three chicken or cheese Enchiladas with your choice of a red or green sauce, topped with lettuce, cheese and sour cream and served with rice and beans


Your choice of carne asada, chicken or al pastor, served with guacamole and sour cream


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